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Value marketing and behavioral marketing strategies with a significant added value that suit companies, top managers, marketing and sales teams or individuals operating in different markets, specialities and segments. The objective for any successful marketing strategy is to create critical and significant values that motivate customers to respond.



Integrated and effective PR and media coverage tools to prepare, present, promote and communicate a key message to a segmented and targeted audience in order to reach optimal response. As value creators we know how to connect customers with your brand. Very advanced communications process is used to assess customer behavioral data with continuous feedback analysis.



High performance is defined as know-how to do the right things right. Performance can be managed by optimizing effectivity, efficiency, motivation, inspiration and corporate culture. What becomes the key success factor and critical differentiator that customers value is how sellers sell not what they sell.


Welcome to Nanobrand!

   Welcome to Nanobrand, a full-service marketing, communications and consulting company, covering exclusively market segment that develops, markets and sells products and services to the healthcare industry. We are committed to the art of creating extraordinary value solutions and delivering solid and measurable results. Nanobrand can help you achieve your strategic business objectives by leveraging our business and marketing management skills, experience and know-how to create and deliver critical value to your customers through the complete buying circle.

     Nanobrand can strengthen your brand position, build customer loyalty and increase sales by using effective and behavior-based marketing, communications and sales performance strategies. With our core business in the healthcare industry: we care - you share.

   Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to meeting you in the very near future and to the opportunity to serve.